Antiquity Sessions Videos

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Soul Journey

Send a fool into the world and then you cry for him. The great vocals of Annie Sutton and the guitar work of Oz Noy. not to be forgotten, Ken Fradley's stellar horn work.Elyia Lishinsky, mixing and mastering
Produced by Gerald Duchene Mixed and mastered by Ted Spencer

Feature 2

Matamoros - Melody Justine J. Hall
Lyrics and music Gerald Duchene
Mixed by Aliki Rodgers
Mastered by Christopher Carvalho

In this town times mournful saddened cry  
The bodies all lifeless and covered in lye
Nameless and blameless in the name of crime



Oz Noy Guitar Elyia Lishinsky and Gerald Duchene, instrumentation, Elyia Lishinsky, mixing and mastering

Alberta Skies.jpg

Alberta Skies

There's something haunting about Alberta. Driving down a lonely gravel road in the middle of summer, dust kicked up on either sides of the car, you feel like you'll never see another soul. The mountains evoke a similar feeling... vast and sprawling, intimidating in their size and colour, it's very easy to feel lost and alone while standing amongst them. Huff Post

Melody and vocals, Bruce Isaacson, vocals and melody Terry Blumnetnhal , lyrics Gerald Duchene lyrics music and instrumentation. Tim Sweeney guitars.Elyia Lishinsky, mixing and mastering


Oh well.jpg

Oh Well

Featuring Diane Lotney on vocals, Tim Sweeny on guitars, Gerald Duchene arrangements and production
Elyia Lishinsky, mixing and mastering Song by Peter Green


Look At The Stars

A song inspired by the words of astrophysicist and astrobiologist Carl Sagan. This song features the singing and melody of Justine J Hall. This song was mixed by Aliki Rodgers and mastered by Chris Carvalho. Music by Gerald Duchene and is part of Antiquity Sessions.


From the blue dot
Is a star, That's here
That's home, That's us
On it everyone you love
Everyone you know
Everyone you ever heard of
Every human being who ever was
That has lived out their lives