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Live Forever

Melody By Justine J. Hall
Words and Music By Gerald Duchene
Verse 1

Your smiling face on a old yellow card Our times of joy never seemed so hard
Like a word never spoken love so bold Or a look never given the time has told
This life with each other has much to say so little time to help find our way
Well if I said that we could live forever You could always be apart of my dreams And if I said that we could sleep forever It would always be warm just next to you We could romance and love one another
Verse 2
Secret reasons heaped tall upon the pyre Loves grip bestowed just for your desire Sweet little memories all wrapped in joy.Life drifts on and on till it finds the rhyme. Every road in my heart is a road back to you A road never taken, dark, winding and true.
Verse 3
Lines on your face tell all there is to know.Good times and bad times for all to show.The feel of your embrace brings me to tears. Sullen to touch and endearing all these years. If I think of you I think of us and our dreams
So if I think of you I think of all our schemes

All Wrapped Up In You

All Wrapped Up In You
Words and Music - Gerald Duchene
Melody Cecillia Foecke

Verse 1
I asked fate to lay down beside me
To tenderly caress me to tempt and embrace me
I coaxed hate to gently surround us to mystify and confound us
To seduce and impound us
All the words of wisdom and all the gold of Solomon
All your talk of forgiveness and all the water in the ocean
All your cries of indignity and all the anger and shame
They're just wasted impetuous words in a pitiful game
Verse 2
I told trust to brazenly invade you
To warmly deceiveyou to sublimely reduce you
To ultimately seduce you
I asked love to solemnly abandon you
To brazenly confide in you to ardently befriend you
To finally intoxicate you  

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Sit Back

Verse 1
Al these years gone by so mystical and warm
All the people who passed through my storm
Magical moments that I cherish and hold dear
All the time rushes from my life it's made clear
Sit back learn how to unwind
This is the story of all mankind
Sit back let the evening unfold
For the past so much to behold
Verse 2
Time racing so fast you can't catch your breath
The leaves turning to gold like a dance of death
Now so many old tales that can never be told
No comfort in knowing your soul has been sold 



Southbound Train

Verse 1
Endless rails through nameless towns
Tobacco rows and fields of corn  
Cotton bails and rusting plows
These are signs I'm near my home  

Georgia born and Georgia bound
This southbound train takes me home
This homesick girl has not lost her hope
This south bound line will run on time 

Verse 2
Faceless names on aging stones
Darker times are best left alone
Forgotten wars from times so old
Memory of lore that may soon unfold

Verse 3
Lazy creeks through smokey hills  
Mountains blue and the morning dew
Towering oaks with Spanish moss
Magnolia trees have come to bloom






Whisper in The Wind

Lyrics and music Gerald Duchene melody by Cecilia Foecke

Verse 1
Lonely is a man who has lost his soul
Blinded by his hatred so out of control
Breathlessly falling broken with fear
Always an answer but never a tear

Strangers and lovers all covered in lies
Broken in two we search in their eyes
As I Look out across this starlit sky
As aimless as the very question why

Verse 2
Like a bird in a cage that never flies free
Fear of the darkness its all there to see
It's love that I fear, not desperate pride
In our dreams is where we can all hide
In our hearts is where we keep our pride


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Matamoros - Melody Justine J. Hall
Lyrics and music Gerald Duchene


Verse 1
In this town times mournful saddened cry  
The bodies all lifeless and covered in lye
All nameless and blameless lost in time
The children all gone in the name of crime

From the crib to the grave man is chained
From birth to death their fate is ordained
From a birth to death in life's cradled arm
Matamoros must do them no more harm

Verse 2
In this town where life is cheapened by lies
The murder of so many with no goodbyes
All life so hopeless and worthless and trite
All the schemers, they have all the might

Look At The Stars - Lyrics Carl Sagan,
Melody Justine J. Hall, Music Gerald Duchene

Verse 1
Every hunter and every forager
Every hero and every coward
Every king and every peasant
Every young couple in love
Every mother father and hopeful child
Every saint and every sinner
Every corrupt politician and supreme leader
Lived on a mote of dust suspended in a beam

From the blue dot
Is a star, That's here
That's home, That's us
On it everyone you love
Everyone you know
Everyone you ever heard of
Every human being who ever was
That has lived out their lives

Verse 2
Every inventor and explorer
Every teacher of morals
Thousands of confident religions
Ideologues and destroyers
Think of the rivers of blood
The glory and triumph
Scarcely distinguishable and fervent their hatred
Lived there on a mote of dust suspended in a beam 

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Mindless Thinkers
Words and music- Gerald Duchene
Melody- Cecillia Foecke
Featuring-Justine J Hall

I look upon the open seas
The storm that brings the breeze
And man for all his tragic lies
Will never open his lying eyes
This voyage is his final song, 
Fallen from the world so strong

Mindless thinkers
Poisoned drinkers
Worthless scriptures
Homeless drifters

I look across this barren land
Feel the wind that brings the sand
I lost your words in a flash of time
Our voyage set the primal crime
Where all the giant ships set sail
Fate in the hands of an ancient tale

Ruthless tyrants
Aimless migrants
Soulless killers
Heartless tillers 

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