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“Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory.” — Oscar Wilde

Fan Comments


True Jazz Passion

"Like the flow and feel of silk; that's how this album feels to the ears. That powerful, giant, rich, clear female voice (or the uniquely warm, remarkably agile voice of the male singer); those grandly played instruments, the guitar, brass, percussion; the superior lyrics - all are respectful - all is so well balanced and working together in the compositions, that it is perfection itself! I just adored "She Never Gardened in Her Madness" - beautiful lyrics/poetry and that clear voice telling me the story made me cry. I loved the entire album of jazz, blues, rock - superior music and it would be adored by most discerning listeners of jazz. Who is that astonishing female voice who did most of the singing? I want to hear more of her." orangeupurple 10/3/09


Great Production

"Beautiful songs, well played, arranged and a good production in general. When I was young I studied Jazz piano and Jazz harmony, maybe I got ears to listen to this. But, however, I believe it's easy listenable for everyone. It came out from standard jazz and fusion, infact sounds more modern : the lenght of the tracks, for example, is not very long, disguising the songs as pop songs. This is not an offense. What does it mean? listen to this and you won't regret." 
fabatu 2/11/09

Que c'est BON!

"il y avait longtemps que je n'écoutais plus ce genre de musique, et j'avais oublié à quel point c'était agréable!!!! smooth-jazz,avec une voix féminine tres chaude, de bons rythmes, des guitares trés "fines".... un régal!! merci à Banio de Fusion pour la recc.!"
Momoka 8/15/09


"I am at lost for words. This album is close too being too good. "Soul Journey" can bring a tear to my eye as does "Trail of Tears." The track "She Never Gardened in Her Madness" is the one I know by heart. I too have been rescued by a "Fallen Angel." Is there a bad track on this album? Not that I can find. Some are better but not one that is bad. Will you guys please get together again? This is great music. I wish only the best for all of you."
Gary Wigle 10/3/09

Gutes Album

"Ja, ein gutes Album ist das wohl, aber mehr auch nicht aus meiner Sicht. Es stimmt, dass die Instrumente gut gespielt sind, die Stimme finde ich gut, das klingt alles melodisch und die Qualität der Aufnahme ist auch gut. Doch nach einigen Titeln wird man schläfrig. Toll zum Relaxen, doch ein bisschen mehr Abwechslung wäre für mich genau richtig. Jedes Lied klingt anders, klar und dennoch verfolgt dieses Album nur eine einzige Richtung. Ein bisschen schade, denn das Gehörte war wirklich gut."
Der_Sandmann_300 8/16/09

A Solid Album

"This album was full of good music which was well performed and produced. I particularly enjoyed the vocals and brass section. Although the album contained mainly strong female vocals, there were a couple of tracks with an equally strong male vocal performance. I think this was one of the strengths of the album which added something different to the mix. "Motherless Child" was excellent, with a superb vocal combination. "Trial of Tears" was beautifully sung with well written lyrics. "She Never Gardened in her Madness" was brilliant, with some excellent guitar backing and brass combination. In my opinion this was the best track on the album. "In Loving Memory" contained some nice guitar breaks. "Picture in Blue" and "Cries and Whispers" contained some superb Male vocals with "Cries and Whispers" delivering some smooth and haunting guitar work. I also enjoyed the Spanish style guitar break in "Fallen Angel(Reprise)". A solid Blues/Jazz based album which is to be heard."
M_Masters 8/15/09

Antiquity the East Village 1991

Diane Lotney, Jane Harvey, Peter Conway,
Mark Mancini, Gerald Duchene

Gerald Duchene Paris 1990

At The Bataclan theatre Paris France

Antiquity the West Village 1993

Diane Lotney, Steve Count, Brian Mitchel,
Gerald Duchene, Jimmny Daniels